La censura Israeliana blocca un documentario su Jenin

La censura Israeliana ha bloccato un documentario sugli eventi di
Jenin l'anno scorso perche' "contiene falsita'".
(Si vede che il pubblico, internazionale e Israeliano, non puo
decidere da solo).


Tuesday, December 10, 2002 * Last updated 6:27 p.m. PT

Israel Censors Ban Movie by Israeli Arab


JERUSALEM -- Israel's censorship board banned a movie produced by an
Israeli Arab that depicts events in the West Bank Palestinian town of
Jenin during an Israeli military offensive in April, a board official
said Tuesday.

The body banned the movie "Jenin, Jenin" because it falsely
demonstrates fictional events as truth, spokeswoman Sonya
David-Elmalea said. The movie is "propaganda that represents a biased
view of the group with whom Israel finds itself at war," she added.

Israeli media say the movie upholds Palestinian claims that Israeli
soldiers carried out atrocities during the battle in Jenin.

The Israeli public would find the movie extremely offensive and "may
mistakenly think that Israeli soldiers are intentionally,
systematically carrying out war crimes," David-Almalea said.

The Israeli army entered Jenin in April to root out Palestinian
militants responsible for a string of attacks against Israelis.

After eight days of fierce house-to-house fighting in the Jenin
refugee camp, 52 Palestinians were killed, about half of them believed
to be gunmen, along with 23 Israeli soldiers. However, Palestinians
charged that hundreds of civilians had been killed in an Israeli

A U.N. investigation into the battle found claims of a massacre
unsubstantiated. However, Amnesty International and the U.S.-based
Human Rights Watch have accused Israeli soldiers of carrying out war
crimes in the camp, where dozens of homes were demolished during the

Mohammed Bakri, a well known Israeli Arab actor who produced "Jenin,
Jenin," said he would appeal the decision. "I am going to court
against the censor, and I hope that democracy will win this test,"
Bakri told Israel's Army Radio.

A spokesman for Israel's Culture Ministry said movie censorship was
extremely rare in Israel, and a ministry committee is considering
whether to disband the censorship board.