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Iraqi Elections: Media Disinformation on Voter Turnout?
Michel Chossudovsky, www.globalresearch.ca
... In five out of 18 governates, according to a Russian parliamentary
observer, the elections were either cancelled due to the lack of security
or were marked by a very low turnout. (Novosti, 30 Jan). This statement
contradicts the figures presented by the IECI at the Press Conference,
which indicate voter turnout of 50 per cent or more in all the governates.
(including Sunni regions where there was a boycott, as c onfirmed by
several press reports)...

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Vote For Food
Raed Jarrar, Raed in the Middle
The cowardly and corrupt bush administration, working along with the dirty
allow(ie) government is coercing Iraqis to vote. The allow(ie) puppets are
threatening Iraqis who don't vote that they will not get their monthly food
rations. The bush gang can do anything to reach to their goals. I mean
ANYTHING. It is well known all over Iraq now that if you didn't go to vote,
the government will cut your monthly food rations. EVERYONE is talking
about this, and EVERYONE believes it too!!! and this is one of the main
reasons of why millions of poor and destroyed Iraqis were dragged out of
their homes today and sent to election centers in the middle of explosions
and bullets (...) The numbers announced inside Iraq are all fake. The
registered voters in Tikrit governorate for example are a couple of
thousands out of hundreds of thousands of residents, if one thousand people
went to vote today, it doesn't mean at all that the turnout is more than

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"La guerra, unica alternativa alla crisi economica"
Un avvertimento, una messa in guardia del Fondo Internazionale Monetario
agli Stati Uniti
Réseau Voltaire, Traduzione di Curzio Bettio di Soccorso Popolare di Padova
Le dichiarazioni di auto-gratificazione dell'Amministrazione Bush che
annunciano una crescita economica record vengono smentite dai fatti. In
realtà, la disoccupazione è in aumento, la produzione interna sta crollando
e l'economia nel suo complesso si sta orientando verso la guerr a. Il
debito con l'estero raggiunge un livello critico, senza precedenti per un
paese industrializzato e, secondo il Fondo Internazionale Monetario (FMI),
questo costituisce una minaccia per l'economia mondiale. La
specializzazione delle industrie negli armamenti rende impossibile un
ritorno ad una economia di pace. Gli Stati Uniti sono entrati in un ciclo
infernale, per cui la loro sopravvivenza economica dipende dal
proseguimento di una situazione di guerra...

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Iraq voter turnout lowered
Election reports from Baghdad indicate that voter turnout was particularly
low in the capital, while Iraq's poll panel has backtracked on its claim
that 72% of all registered voters cast their ballots. Iraqi journalist
Ziyad al-Samarrai told Aljazeera on Monday that voter turnout in Baghdad
was poor, especially in the al-Yarmuk, al-Amiriya, and al-Adhamiya
districts - the main population centres in central and western Baghdad...

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US marines killed in post-election attacks
Three US marines were killed in combat south of Baghdad, the US military
said in a statement on Monday. "Three US marines were killed in action and
two others wounded on 31 January while conducting security and stability
operations in northern Babil Province," the statement said. The latest
deaths marked the first fatalities reported by the US military since polls
closed in Iraq's elections on Sunday...

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An election to anoint an occupation
Had it been held in Zimbabwe, the west would have denounced it
Salim Lone, The Guardian
Tony Blair and George Bush were quick to characterise yesterday's election
as a triumph of democracy over terror. Bush declared it a "resounding
success", while Blair asserted that "The force of freedom was felt
throughout Iraq". And yet the election fell so completely short of accepted
electoral standards that had it been held in, say, Zimbabwe or Syria,
Britain and Ameri ca would have been the first to denounce it...

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 30 January 2005
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board,
the Free Arab Voice.
In a dispatch posted at 4:45pm Mecca time Sunday, Mafkarat al-Islam
reported that a commander in the Iraqi puppet police had revealed shortly
before that as of that time, a total of 103 puppet election stations had
been attacked in Baghdad, Ba'qubah, al-Basrah, and al-Anbar since 8am
Sunday. In an exclusive interview with Mafkarat al-Islam the puppet police
o fficial said that a "large number" of election workers and puppet
policemen had been killed in the attacks...

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Audit: $9 Billion Unaccounted for in Iraq
LARRY MARGASAK, Associated Press Writer
The U.S. occupation authority in Iraq was unable to keep track of nearly $9
billion it transferred to government ministries, which lacked financial
controls, security, communications and adequate staff, an inspector general
has found. The U.S. officials relied on Iraqi audit agencies to account for
the funds but those offices were not even functioning when the funds were
transferred between October 2003 and June 2004, according to an audit by a
special U.S. inspector general...

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More on PNAC and that Bullet-Stopper Slavery Letter
Kurt Nimmo
It is interesting the PNAC Strausscon letter to Congress, demanding a
larger military in the face of shrinking recruitment and re-enlistment,
arrived a few weeks after Bush sent a retired senior general to Iraq to
review overall military operations there. "As well as assessing Iraqi
forces, he will also look at overall US operations against insurgents,
Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman" told the BBC. "There are signs that the
recalcitrant Rumsfeld is be ginning to get the message," Mike Whitney
commented on January 15...

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What Really Happened
Today a C-130 Hercules crashed in Iraq. According to witnesses, the
wreckage was spread out over a wide area. Anyone familier with aircraft
accidents will confirm that this indicates that the aircraft came apart
high in the air, not on impact with the ground. A week ago, a helicopter
crashed in Iraq, killing 31 people (...) The bad news is that the Iraqi
people have gained the ability to shoot down our aircraft. The US, having
lost control of the use of the roads in Iraq, resor ted (as they did in
Veitnam) to trying to run the war from the air...

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Occupation Thwarts Democracy
John Nichols, The Nation
Under pressure from the Bush Administration, political parties campaigning
in this weekend's so-called "election" in Iraq did not proposed timetables
for the withdrawal of US troops from their homeland. This constraint upon
the debate effectively denied the Iraqi people an honest choice (...)
Despite this disconnect, when the voting was done, Administration aides
declared a victory in President's Bush's crusade for "liberty." And thus
was born the latest lie of an Administration that has built its arguments
for the invasion and occupation of Iraq on a foundation of petty deception
and gross deceit...

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Real Freedom Still Far Off
Eric Margolis, Toronto Sun
Will today's elections for 7,785 unknown candidates in violence-racked Iraq
mark the dawn of genuine Mideast democracy, as U.S. President George W.
Bush claims, or be another step deeper into the bloody quagmire in
Mesopotamia? First, no election held under a foreign military occupation
resulting from an unjustified war is legal under international law. During
the Cold War, elections staged by the Soviets after invading Afghanistan,
Hungary and Czechoslovakia w ere rightly denounced by the U.S. as "frauds"
and the leaders elected as "stooges."

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When Robots Do the Killing
A New Weapon Can Sanitize War, and That's Tragic
David L. Ulin, Los Angeles Times
Late last week, in a parking lot in New Jersey, the U.S. Army unveiled what
may be the future of war: 3-foot-tall robotic "soldiers," outfitted with
tank tracks, night vision and mounted automatic weapons capable of firing
more than 300 rounds at a burst. Known as SWORDS (Special Weapons
Observation Reconnaissance Detection Systems), these battle bots are on the
leading edge of a new kin d of warfare, in which — or so the argument goes
— our troops will one day remain hidden (and, presumably, protected) while
engaging the enemy by remote control. The Army intends to deploy 18 SWORDS
units to Iraq in the spring, marking the first time robots have been used
to fight and kill human beings one on one...

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Imposing Democracy on the World

Peter O'Neill
Iraqis go to the polls today in an imposed civics lesson on democracy,
courtesy of President George W. Bush. Few are betting on its success. Today
also marks the 33rd anniversary of a tragedy with disturbing parallels to
those in Iraq — Bloody Sunday, when members of the British Parachute
Regiment gunned down 14 unarmed civil-rights marchers in Derry, Northern

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Sporadic Votes in Fallujah, No Votes in Ramadi
Reportedly, electors are voting sporadically in Fallujah, the city that
became the base of the insurgence in Iraq and was severely damaged in a US
operation last November. Kerim Farac, a citizen, who voted, said that one
elector was coming to vote every five minutes or so in the polling station.
"I also came here to exercise my right to vote and I voted for Sherif Ali
Bin Al- Hussein, a candidate from the constitutional monarchy list," Farac

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Iraqi Elections Under Military Occupation: Canada Complicit in a Parody of
...How can free and just elections be held when most of the candidates are
unable to organize an election campaign? When entire populations are unable
to vote? When the election itself serves first and foremost a US "agenda"
of military takeover and control of an entire region. The January 30
elections in Iraq - held under prevailing conditions of violence and US
military occupation, not to mention the boycot t of the Sunni community -
have as their sole aim to grant a shaky legitimacy to the US military
occupation and to justify the invasion of Iraq without the authorization of
the Security Council of the United Nations...

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Today's Charade is Simply About Iraq's Oil
Linda McQuaig, Toronto Star
... Questioned last week, Bush said the U.S. would withdraw if asked by the
newgovernment. Really? Earlier in the week, the Pentagon acknowledged plans
and budgets to keep 120,000 troops there for at least two more years. It
sure looks like Washington plans to go on calling the shots in Iraq, but
now there will be a plausible government to show off to the world. If
Iraq's oil industry is put on the chopping block and ends up in the hands
of U.S . oil companies, Washington will be off the hook; the decision will
have been made by the "elected" Iraqi government...

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The Arab Nation has the Right to be Free
Ibrahim Ebeid
...Iraq and Palestine are an integrated part of the Arab Homeland, this
Homeland belongs to us we alone have the right to administer its affairs,
wealth and the running of its potentials. Freedom and Democracy will be
achieved when we are free from foreign occupation and when we unite our
land and when Jerusalem is free and Baghdad becomes our capital again...

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PNACers Calling for Bullet-Stopper Conscription?
Kurt Nimmo
Let's dissect the letter sent by a gaggle of Strausscons to senators Frist,
Reid, Hastert, and representative Pelosi. I first saw this letter
yesterday, posted by William Kristol on the Weekly Standard web site. It is
posted, as well, and predictably, on the PNAC web site. The United States
military is too small for the responsibilities we are asking it to assume.
Those responsibilities are real and important. They are not going away. The
United States will not and should not become less engaged in the world in
the years to come. But our national security, global peace and stability,
and the defense and promotion of freedom in the post-9/11 world require a
larger military force than we have today. ...

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Glorious Iraqi Resistance, it is also time to celebrate Dubya Bush coronation!
Abu Assur, Al-Moharer
...Iraqis, don't let the monster gather its breaths. Remember the inhuman
embargo. Remember Clitty Clinton bombing. Remember Abu Ghraib. Iraqis
remember Fallujah! Iraqis remember Al A'myria shelter where the US killed
700 innocent Iraqi women and children in a shelter. Iraqis remember what
the US thugs did to the Iraqi Museum and Iraqi culture. To day is your day.
You are wining...

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Hollow Election Held on Bloody Day
Dahr Jamail, Inter Press Service
An overnight rocket attack on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad that killed two
Americans and injured four others set the tone for the election Sunday. By
the end of the day at least 29 people had been killed in attacks on polling
stations and voters. An hour after polling stations opened at 7am, mortar
blasts began echoing across the capital city, at almost an attack a minute
at times...

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