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1) Terror in Nablus
2) Visiting the injured
3) Exchanging ideas with local Imams
4) Your presence is needed for the olive harvest in Palestine
Kate G.
August 26, 2003

I just had the hardest day of my life. Let me start off by telling you that
yesterday i had to get into Nablus while it was under curfew. I was with
three Palestinians. I had a hard time getting here and, once in Nablus, I
had to walk up to a tank and another armored vehicle and negotiate with
them to let us through and they didn't let the one male go past so he
walked around. We eventually got around.

Last night they invaded a hospital and shot it up, injuring two and killing
one. Today, I went to the UPMRC a medical agency that has ambulences to
help. Internationals and local UPMRC workers split into groups. I was in
one with three Palestinians and one other international. We were delivering
food to the Old City because we are the only ones who can get to the
people. We walked by many tanks and jeeps and various armed vehicles.

We almost got to where we were going when a jeep stopped us and took into
custody myself and the other international. We were arrested. Then we were
forced to sit with them at their makeshift base in the Old City with their
two tanks (there are tons more spread throughout the city) and many jeeps
and armed vehicles.

I cannot describe the horror. The soldiers were all around me and then
there were clashes, rocks and glass were being thrown, sound bombs, tear
gas, tank firing, machine guns, automatic weapons -- the whole nine yards
were being shot and the soldiers were all next to me. They were shooting at
the Palestinians. They shot someone in the head. Every time a child would
look at the window they would point their guns and scream at them and cock
their triggers.

For five hours, I was there next to the firing guns and tanks. I tried
distracting them by talking to them which worked quite a bit so that they
wouldn't notice Palestinians breaking curfew.

I prayed, I prayed, and I prayed that God would warm their hearts so that
they would stop this madness. I was so scared. They were all around me
shooting. I knew that I was supposed to experience this, because now I have
seen the war from the soldier's point of view. Now I know what they do,
say, somewhat feel, and how they act. I have so many little details I would
like to tell you, but i cannot because I am in shock right now.

I made it back up to my apartment and now I am a few buildings down with
the family who partially consists of the three Palestinians I came here
with from Kalandia checkpoint near Ramallah and Jerusalem. They are taking
good care of me. I love them dearly. I came in here sobbing. I am still

They kept telling me this is their daily life. It's true. I am just not
used to it. I wish I could describe for you in words what it was like today
but there is nothing I can tell you to express the pain I feel and what it
was like being in the middle of the soldiers shooting and bombing my
friends. I wish I could make you see, but then again, I wouldn't wish today
on anyone. I am glad the soldiers released me.

Please don't be worried for me. I am safe and in the hands of thousands of
loving people all which whom would share with me everything they had. In
the end I grew less afraid. I knew God was with me and wanted me to be
there with the soldiers. I am greatful for this experience, but at the same
time mortified. For the many of you who offer and seek to give me advice,
it is much appreciated, but I am here and know what the situation is like.
It is very different then what you see.

My mom said the Palestinians were bloodthirsty and hungry for revenge. This
is not what they want. Most Palestinians want peace and their land. We all
want freedom. Please don't believe the news the way the portray
Palestinians. Do you know the Hamas leader they killed in Gaza was a
moderate who was against bombings and was working for peace? Did you know
that the IDF assassinates Hamas members who are moderate or against a lot
of the bad things and leave many of the fanatics? I bet you didn't know
that all of Hamas doesn't support suicide bombings. That's like saying all
Democrats supported the bombing of kosovo because of Clinton's decisions.

Also, see: www.palsolidarity.org for "Demolishing culture, destroying
lives" report from Anna in Nablus


August 27, 2003

Mohammed's legs are smattered with scars from bullet holes, his foot is
covered in bandages and his knees jut out awkwardly as one who has been
lying in the hospital for six weeks, since he was shot by a tank in Beit
Hanoun during the invasion while attempting to help two who had been shot
dead and another who had been shot in the face, these were children,
Mohammed is 17 and he will not walk again.  His smiling face beckons us
from the corner of the hospital room.  Smiling?  What can I do, his eyes
say.  Cry?

In another corner some 20-something officer is recovering from being shot
in the leg.  He patrols the border at the north of the Gaza Strip and one
day he was leaving work and an Israeli soldier shot him in the leg.  Like

These are not even the recent injuries.  Ibrahim's leg is broken from the
attack yesterday in Jabaliya camp.  Three Apache missiles in a refugee
camp holding 90,000 people in a single square kilometer, the most densely
populated place in the world.  The activists they were targeting escaped,
so the army's big victory was an old man riding his donkey cart, three
donkeys, and twenty-six injured.  We heard the F16 riding lower than usual
and I'd just learned that the army usually uses F16s to disguise the sound
of an Apache.  So you won't be able to run.

The man who was leaving his carpentry job to pick up some small gifts for
his children on his way home and got his leg blown apart by the first
missile.  He tried to move out of the way and then the second missile came
from the other direction and so his arm is in a sling as well.  Another
man who was walking down the stairs to leave work.  Another man who was
trying to help the injured.

F16s interfere with phone signals for like 10 minutes after they leave an
area so no one can call the ambulances.  The first bomb three days ago
came at nighttime and no one could figure out where it had hit.  One
person I know said he was right next door and heard the blast and still
didn't know where it was, but he started to walk out of the area, trying
to go home, and tripped on a body part of someone blown apart and that's
how he know where the Apache had hit.

The man in the bed who was going to buy gifts for his kids and got hit
twice, he says it's not enough for us just to visit, just to talk, well I
don't know what is enough or how there can be enough and I suppose when
this ends we will know how much is enough.

Meanwhile we visit the family of Ahmed Ishtawi, one of the four killed in
the Apache attack from three days ago.  His 18-year-old wife is three
months pregnant, what were you doing at eighteen?

Tomorrow I'm going to a 4-hour hunger strike outside of the UN main office
in Gaza, around 50 eight to 15-year-old kids are going to strike for their
parents who have been detained and imprisoned.

I am utterly horrified.  It does not become less.

I love you all and wish you all the best
In love and solidarity



August 26, 2003

Recently our group has been meeting with a group of imams from the
community who approached us and asked if we could exchange ideas and
discuss ways of working together with the community.  We have met with a
total of four imams in three meetings.  They are young - 17, 18, 21, 25.
Apparently about half of the imams in Rafah are young men who have been
pulled closer to religion during this Intifada.  Here is a transcript from
our second meeting, which was our turn to ask questions after they had
taken the first meeting to learn about us.  It was translated and then
transcribed by two people in our group.

No matter the religion, race or country, we appreciate anyone who comes to
stand with us in our struggle toward independence

Question 1. How big is your group/how do people join/is everyone welcome?

Our group consists mainly of Muslim religious youth of Rafah who believe
in all forms of struggle to liberate our land, including peaceful
struggle. We care a lot about problems against Islam. We arenât hostile
towards anyone, Islam does not allow that, we must accept everyone who
believes in the prophets, and in God, anyone from the three religions. but
our community is purely Muslim.

Question 2. Role of imam in the mosque and the community and ways of
interacting with the community.

We give lectures in the mosque to give right direction and instructions to
people. Every friday we give longer lectures and we give shorter ones at
every prayer time as well. We encourage good behavior and accordance with

In society our role is to promote and sustain our love for each other and
for God, without which the fabric of Palestinian society would unravel.

We interact with the community in the mosque, as well as sending
subcommittees out to the areas of need, especially in the camps.
Everywhere we go and in everything we do we try to bring others to a
greater understanding of Islam.

Question 3. How did you become interested in working with us/future work
together/ most effective way we can help combat the occupation and the
isolation of people in Palestine?

We are ready to participate in any activity or program that helps
Palestinians. We would like to introduce you to the cultural reward center
as well as exchange view points and we can help you in any way we can
using non-violent methods.

we believe you are playing a very important role here and we strongly
respect and highly appreciate anyone who would com and act, even if it is
just to stand with us. We appreciate people leaving their homes, families
and personal lives to come and stand in solidarity with us and to help us
solve our conflict with the Israeli enemy. Our community considers the ISM
as a resistance movement that is no less important in the struggle against
the occupation than the armed resistance movements. We respect your
non-violent methods.

in order to be effective, we just ask that you remain patient patient
patient please do not think to withdraw from our lives. we will stand with
you as you do this and we will not leave your side as you make your stand.

We ask that you tell your friends and family in America how the Muslims
treated you here, we know of the negative image of Islam and of
Palestinians around the world and we ask that you help people understand
the truth.

Question 4. how do you feel about Americans/ Israelis/ Jews/ Christians?

Americans- those who are here we love and respect and appreciate, their
work their ideas and their huge efforts toward our liberation. Americans
in general- We donât hate anyone and we respect and thank any American if
they think to help us. People are people whether they are in Palestine or
the US. [At this time mike told them that everyone who comes represents
MANY in the US, that people help us raise funds, and that for each person
here there are many more in the US or from wherever they came from, that
are being represented by us. They really understood and were excited by
that, but excited in a holy way]

Israelis- we know that there are many many Israelis who oppose what their
government is doing here. Our religion demands that we forgive and love,
and we must respect this. When Mohammed (PBUH) was attacked and held by
Jewish people he finally gained control. When this happened the people
asked 'What will you do to us now' he said "Go, you are free I'm not going
to do anything to you." We want to live in peace and we do not attack
people unless they attack us.

Jews- As Muslims we believe in all religions that were sent by God. We
believe in Judaism and we believe in Moses. In the Qur'an it says,
'Believe in all religions as you do Islam.' We respect the Jewish people
who are on the right path and who work to bring peace to the world. We
pray for the Jews, that they would love us as we love them.

In the Qur'an there is a story about a small group of Christ's followers
who stayed with Jesus. They gave up their lives for him and vowed to stay
by his side no matter what. These people were thanked by God in the holy
Qur'an. We believe this is what the ISM is like. Jesus asked 'who will
support me?' all kept silent except for the Al-Haroyoun. They said 'We
will not leave you, even if we should be hurt, even if we should be
killed, we will stay by your side.' There was also a group of Jews who did
this and God thanks them as well.

Then one of them chanted a portion of the Qur'an (which he has memorized
in its entirety). At this point, and a few times prior my eyeballs
rebelled and filled with tears.




Since October 2000, hundreds of thousands of Palestinian trees have been
bulldozed, uprooted or set ablaze by Israeli soldiers and settlers ö tens
of thousands of these olive trees.  Olive trees are a symbol of the life of
the Palestinian, and their destruction by Israeli forces is an attempt to
de-root the Palestinians from their land.

Throughout the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinian land has been and continues
to be confiscated by the Israeli government.  Since May of 2002, the
Israeli government has been building a massive apartheid wall, which has
thus far flattened and/or isolated hundreds of thousands of dunams of
Palestinian farmland and destroyed tens of thousands of olive trees;
Illegal Israeli colonies are built on occupied Palestinian land; more land
is confiscated to build roads that encircle Palestinian villages but are
not for use by Palestinians; Palestinians are locked up in their towns and
villages as Israeli soldiers stand guard; Palestinians are not allowed to
access their own property; crops go bad and Palestinian survival on their
land is threatened.

The economic impact of Israeli policies on the olive sector has been
massive ömillions of dollars lost to damage in the past three years, and
millions more to Israel's barring farmers from their land.  And these
policies are designed to have impact not just now, but for years to come ö
olive trees produce for generations.

During last yearâs one month Olive Harvest Campaign, 200 civilians from all
over the world joined us in the Occupied Palestinian Territories as a front
to this policy of starvation and ethnic cleansing.  Internationals
accompanying Palestinian farmers helped ensure access to fields and groves
in some cases and helped highlight Israelâs war on Palestinian survival in
cases were access was violently denied.

This year we are again calling on you to join us for the olive harvest in

The Olive Harvesting Campaign, part of the Palestinian people's resistance
to the occupation, will be from October 5 ö November 20, 2003.  ISM will be
working in conjunction with the Palestinian Environmental Network (PENGON),
the Union of Palestinian Agricultural Committees, the Union of Palestinian
Farmers, the Land Defense Committee, the National and Islamic Forces
coordinating committee and other local groups to welcome you. Orientation
and training will be held on October 3rd and 4th, and every Friday/Saturday
throughout the campaign.  Please register to join us at
<="http://www.palsolidarity.org/";>www.palsolidarity.org .  For more
information, please contact
<="mailto:info at palsolidarity.org">info at palsolidarity.org or see:
<="http://www.palsolidarity.org/";>www.palsolidarity.org. For more
information on the wall and its impact on the Palestinian people, please
see: <="http://www.palsolidarity.org/";>www.palsolidarity.org,

The olive is the lifeline of the Palestinian people.  Come to Palestine and
help the Palestinians endure by joining them in concert with their land.


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