Fw: una sporca guerra contro i sindacati colombiani per le forniture di combustibili agli USA

 The Colombian Connection
 The U.S. fuels a dirty war against Colombian unions
 By David Bacon
 "Leading a union often means losing a job, even blacklisting. In many
 countries, it can bring imprisonment by governments who view unions as a
 threat to the social and economic elite. But the most dangerous country
 by far is Colombia, where labor activism is often punished with death.
 By mid-May, 44 Colombian trade union leaders already had been murdered
 this year. Last year, assassinations cost the lives of 129 others.
 According to Hector Fajardo, general secretary of the United
 Confederation of Workers (CUT), the country's largest union federation,
 3,800 trade unionists have been assassinated since 1986. Out of every
 five trade unionists killed in the world, three are Colombian.
 "U.S. energy, trade and military policies are contributing to the
 devastation of the country's labor movement. Bush administration energy
 policies encourage the use of coal in U.S. power plants, and millions of
 tons are now mined for export by U.S. corporations in the midst of
 Colombia's civil war. Free market economic reforms, pushed by the
 International Monetary Fund, are provoking a wave of resistance by
 Colombian labor, which is being met by violent repression. And U.S.
 military aid provided by Plan Colombia supports activities by right-wing
 paramilitary groups, who in turn target trade union leaders."