[Disarmo] La legge dell'Aja è uguale per tutti i serbi. One more dead at The Hague - Fwd: [JUGOINFO]

La legge del tribunale dell'Aja è uguale per tutti.
Per tutti i serbi: o colpevoli o morti.


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(srpskohrvatski / english.

/*Ancora un morto "attorno" al "Tribunale ad hoc" dell'Aia: si tratta
di Dusan Dunjic, 65 anni, medico legale di Belgrado, che doveva
testimoniare per la difesa nel "processo" a Ratko Mladic.*/
/Sulle molte precedenti "strane morti" legate al Tribunale "ad hoc"
dell'Aia si veda l'articolo di Juergen Elsaesser:/
/Sul più noto assassinio, quello di Slobodan Milosevic, si veda la
nostra pagina dedicata: /
/Sulla vergogna di questo "Tribunale ad hoc" si veda ad esempio: /

*One more dead at The Hague*
*1) Defence witness in the Mladić case found dead (ICTY)*
*2) Svedok odbrane Mladića pronađen mrtav u Hagu (Sputnik)*
*3) Defense witness in genocide case against Bosnian-Serb Mladic found
dead in Hague hotel (RT)*
*4) Mladic Defense Witness Found Dead in Hotel Room on Eve of Court
Appearance (Sputnik)*
*5) Serbs in ICTY, Hague, Are Doomed to be Guilty or to Die (**Grey Carter)*

=== 1 ===


International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
(Exclusively for the use of the media. Not an official document)

The Hague, 22 October 2015

*Defence witness in the Mladić case found dead
An expert witness for the Defence in the case of Prosecutor v. Ratko
Mladić who was expected to testify in court today, Mr. Dušan Dunjić, was
found dead at his hotel by a hotel staff member and a representative of
the Tribunal. Emergency services personnel were immediately notified and
ascertained Mr. Dunjić’s death. Dutch authorities are conducting
an investigation into Mr. Dunjić’s death.
Mr. Dunjić, a forensic expert from Serbia, testified in a number of
cases before the Tribunal. He was the expert witness for the Prosecution
in the trials of Milan Milutinović et
al., Vlastimir Đorđević and Ramush Haradinaj et al. In the trials
of Radovan Karadžić, Stanislav Galić, Dragoljub Kunarac et
al. and Vujadin Popović et al., Mr. Dunjić testified as the expert
witness for the Defence.

=== 2 ===


*Svedok odbrane Mladića pronađen mrtav u Hagu*


*Beogradski veštak za sudsku medicinu Dušan Dunjić pronađen je mrtav u
hotelskoj sobi u Hagu, gde je trebalo da svedoči u odbranu generala
Ratka Mladića, saopštio je Haški tribunal.
Tribunal u Hagu je rekao da su Dušana Dunjića pronašli službenik hotela
i predstavnik Međunarodnog suda, prenose mediji.
„Odmah je obaveštena hitna služba, koja je potvrdila smrt g. Dunjića.
Holandske vlasti sprovode istragu o njegovoj smrti“, piše u saopštenju suda.
Tribunal podseća da je Dunjić do sada, kao veštak za sudsku medicinu,
svedočio u više haških procesa.
Na suđenjima Milanu Milutinoviću i sa optuženima za zločine na Kosovu,
zatim Ramušu Haradinaju i Vlastimiru Đorđeviću, Dunjić je bio veštak
Na procesima Radovanu Karadžiću, Vujadinu Popoviću, Stanislavu Galiću i
Dragomiru Kunarcu, bio je veštak odbrane.
Jutros je prekinuto suđenje generalu Mladiću zbog, kako je sudija Alfons
Ori rekao, „nepredviđenih okolnosti“.

=== 3 ===


*Defense witness in genocide case against Bosnian-Serb Mladic found dead
in Hague hotel
Published time: 23 Oct, 2015

A defense witness at the genocide and war crimes tribunal against
Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic has been found dead in a hotel room in
The Hague. The Dutch police say nothing suspicious or criminal in his
death ahead of giving testimony in the ICTY.
*, 65, was a forensic pathologist from Belgrade* who was due to speak
before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
(ICTY), which accuses Mladic of orchestrating a massacre and attempted
genocide during the Bosnian war of 1992-1995, especially in the case of
the Bosnian-Muslim town of Srebrenica in 1995.

Dutch police immediately launched an investigation on Thursday, but
despite the suspicious circumstances of the death, authorities say they
have “no reason to suspect that a crime had been committed.” A police
spokesman declined to give further details on Thursday.

The Bosnian-Serb General spent 14 years in hiding, as many Serbs,
including his former lieutenants – as well as his family – aided him in
evading capture. In his time as general, Mladic oversaw the war,
including being at the helm of the siege of Sarajevo, which took three
years, and the Srebrenica episode of 1995, which is what forms the core
of the accusations of genocide.

Lingering divisions exist across the former Yugoslavia over the war and
the assignation of blame over the human misery it wrought. The
fighting claimed at least 135,000 lives. The Srebrenica massacre, in
which up to 8,000 Bosnian Muslims were slaughtered by the forces of
General Ratko Mladic, was a definitive episode of Serbian atrocities
during the hostilities. A UN court defined it as genocide, but Serbia,
while condemning the killings themselves, has never accepted the definition.

In July, Russia vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemning the
events of 1995 as genocide. Britain and a number of other
Western countries blasted Moscow for this, but Russia says the
historical evidence for the charge of genocide is flimsy.

The Serbs, meanwhile, believe that The Hague is one-sided as it
highlights those crimes perpetrated by the Serbian side, and not by its
neighbors, among them Croatia and Albania, who have enjoyed Western backing.

The notion that Srebrenica was a legal case of genocide remains heavily
debated, as is a lot of the allegations raised by the ICTY and the facts
and figures on the ground that seem to contradict them.

In the Yugoslav war, the town came under Bosnian Muslim control in 1992,
with the surrounding areas controlled by the Bosnian Serbs.
While Srebrenica enjoyed the protection of a Dutch UN battalion of
5,000, the population is said to have been carrying out continued
assaults on the Serbs nearby.

In 1995, the Bosnian Serbs launched retaliatory attacks – something that
served as ammunition for many in the West, and the ICTY, to accuse
the Serbs of deliberately plotting to wipe out part of the Bosnian
Muslim population, forcefully convert another to Orthodox Christianity.
A lot of these views are said to have come from hearsay claims and not
any hard evidence.

=== 4 ===


*Mladic Defense Witness Found Dead in Hotel Room on Eve of Court Appearance*


*The body of Dusan Dunjic was discovered in his hotel room before he was
due to give evidence for the defense in the trial of former Bosnian Serb
army general Ratko Mladic.
*An expert witness for the defense of former Bosnian Serb army general
Ratko Mladic, on trial in The Hague for war crimes, was found dead in
his hotel room before he was due to give evidence on Friday, the
International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia [ICTY] has
"Mr. Dusan Dunjic was found dead at his hotel by a hotel staff member
and a representative of the Tribunal. Emergency services personnel were
immediately notified and ascertained Mr. Dunjic’s death. Dutch
authorities are conducting an investigation into Mr. Dunjic’s death,"
stated the ICTY.
Dusan Dunjic was a Serbian forensic pathologist from Belgrade who had
given evidence in several trials at the ITCY in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Belgrade expert forensic pathologist Dusan Dunjic was found dead in his
hotel room in the Hague, Sputnik Serbia reported.
Dunjic was an expert witness for the prosecution in the trials of former
Serbian President Milan Milutinovic, as well as a number of prominent
military figures who were tried for war crimes in Kosovo in the late
1990s. The Hague tribunal eventually acquitted Milutinovic.

Dunjic also gave expert evidence for the defense in the trials of former
Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, and of former Bosnian Serb army
commanders for crimes committed during the war in Bosnia and
Hercegovina, from 1991 to 1995.
The verdict in the Karadzic trial, which was completed in October 2014,
is expected in early 2016.
Dr Dunjic was scheduled to give expert evidence on Friday in the trial
of former Bosnian Serb army general Ratko Mladic, whose trial began in
May 2012. The prosecution indicted Mladic on charges of war crimes and
crimes against humanity, and closed its case in February 2014. Mladic's
defense case began in May 2014 and is still ongoing.

=== 5 ===


*Serbs in ICTY, Hague, Are Doomed to be Guilty or to Die
Posted on October 23, 2015 by Grey Carter

*Amsterdam:* Dusan Dunjic, A defence witness in the prosecution of
former Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladic for his alleged role in the
siege of Sarajevo and Srebrenica events was found dead at his hotel in
the Hague only few hours before he was expected to testify.
It’s 9th Serb who have so far, died under suspicious circumstances in
and around ICTY in Scheveningen. Their names are: /*Djordje
Djukic,*//*Slavko Dokmanovic,* *Milan Kovacevic*/, /*Slobodan
Milosevic*/, /*Momir Talic*/, /*Milan Babic* /and /*Miroslav Deronjic*/,
General */Mile Mrksic/* was the first one who died outside of
Scheveningen (he died in Lisbon prison unit, where he was transferred),
and */Dusan Dunjić/* is the first Serb defence witness in case vs.
Serbian suspect to be found dead there.
President of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic was found dead in the morning
of March 11, 2006. in his cell, only 6 days after the Krajina Serb
leader, Milan Babic,  had allegedly commited suicide (March 5, 2006.)
This death toll excludes those who were released from the detention unit
due to advanced diseases and soon died.
Even though the ICTY, according to its Statute, cannot rule the death
penalty, but even if it could, hardy such high number of detainees would
be sentenced to death as much as they died in and around ICTY Tribunal
in Hague.
It’s  significant to ackowledge that even 19 witnesses against Albanian
PM and mass murderer of Serbs, involved in ethnic cleansing, Ramush
Haradinaj, were brutally murdered, with subsequent verifying by shooting
in the head.
All murdered witnesses vs. Ramush Haradinaj for war crimes commited
against Serbs:
Ismet Musaj assassinated in 2001. immediately before the start of the
trial group “case Dukagjini” in Pristina.
Sadik Murici, protected witness, who was killed in 2002. shot in Pec.
Mirth Murici, protected witness, who was killed in 2002. from firearms
/Bekim Mustafa and Avni Eljazaj were killed in 2002. from firearms/
Smailj Hardaraj killed on 17 February 2002. shot in ambush in the town
of Vitomirica near Pec.
Tahir Zemaj (killed and son Enis and his brother Hasan) was murdered on
4 January 2003. in ambush  in Pec.
Ilir Seljimaj wife and his brother Ferid killed in ambush  in Pec.
Sabah Toljaj and Isuf Hakljaj, KP members, were killed in the ambush
24th November 2003.
Sadiq Musaj  was killed   1. February  2005.
Sinan Musaj disappeared on 14 June 2005.
Đeljadin Musaj was murdered on 16 June 2005.  in ambush at the gas pump,
“Molika”  in the village of Rasic  near Pec.
Kujtim Berisha died on 17 July 2007. in Podgorica in a car “accident”
Haradinaj was acqitted.
Therefore ANY possibility to prove their innocence, as for Serbs, is
The Hague ICTY Tribunal killed Yugoslavia’s President Slobodan Milosevic


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