Peace Review Call: The Death Penalty

Call For Essays

The Death Penalty

Winter 2001: Volume 13, Number 4
Special Editor:  Connie de la Vega and Steven Shatz,
                 University of San Francisco Law School

Deadline for Submissions:  July 9, 2001

PEACE REVIEW invites the submission of essays on the death penalty for its
Fall 2001 issue. The issue will focus on the death penalty in the
international context. At present, although a majority of the countries in
the world has abolished the death penalty for ordinary crimes, a
substantial number of countries, including the world's most populous,
continue to employ the death penalty. This profound split engenders an
ongoing debate concerning the morality, utility and fairness of the death
penalty. Essays will be accepted from various disciplines and may be
academic, descriptive or prescriptive in style. Submissions should include
a short biography of the writer and the writer's postal and e-mail addresses.

PEACE REVIEW is a quarterly, multidisciplinary, transnational journal of
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that underlie the promotion of a more peaceful world. We define peace
research to include human rights, development, ecology, culture, race,
gender and related issues. We present the results of this research and
thinking in short (2500-3500 words), accessible and substantive essays.

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