Balkans: European Union or Chaos?

<>  Dossier
<>Balkans: European Union or
The situation in the Balkans remains delicate: the nationalists have gained
ground in elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia. Is the
prospect of entry into the EU enough to assure long-term stability in the

 <> European
enlargement: direction south-east
The process of stabilisation and association underway in the western
Balkans shows the involvement of the EU in a region where a decade ago it
was powerless. Its objective: integration
		 Alice Desthuilliers - Paris

 <> Is Macedonia really
Macedonia, the last multiethnic Balkan State, smiles at the European Union
who helped to end the civil war there in 2001. But frustrations still
remain. Will stabilisation last?
		 Philippe Hart & Simon Makhno - Paris

 <> An unhappy marriage
between Serbia and Montenegro
The creation of ‘Serbia and Montenegro’ was a result of the Western, and
particularly European, desire to avoid future division. But does anyone
still believe that these European chains will hold good until EU membership?
		 Julie Thisse - Belgrade

 <> A Swing to the Right
in Slovenia
Populism and border disputes with Croatia resulted in victory for the
opposition parties in the parliamentary elections at the beginning of
		 Marianne Heinzlmeier - Strasbourg

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