(fwd) In Montenegro, intellectuals call for a referendum

From: "monitor" <monitor at cg.yu>

Letter of Protest and Call for International Support

Free Montenegrin Intellectuals, Citizens, and Representatives of Civil
Society: For a Free and Democratic Referendum

To the European Heads of State and Government
Cc: The High Representative of the EU, Dr. Javier Solana

As Montenegrin citizens supporting European values and the European
integration of our country, we are deeply dismayed that Dr Javier Solana,
the High Representative of the EU, has unfortunately decided to join
efforts with Greater Serbian political forces in Belgrade and Podgorica in
their opposition to Montenegro's right of self-determination. The EU risks
undermining and jeopardizing Montenegro's stability and security. We find
it truly bizarre and incomprehensible that while Slobodan Milosevic is on
trial in the Hague, the EU finds common cause with his followers in
Podgorica and Belgrade. The serious deterioration of the political
situation in Montenegro in January 2002 was a direct consequence of this
alliance. The EU's one-sided and irresponsible policy encourages extremists
to escalate the situation and strengthens the hand of those political
factions which threaten the use of violence.

The EU's insistence on the preservation of the so-called FRY ignores the
fact that FRY exists in name only. It was Serbia, not Montenegro, which
destroyed this always problematic state through a cascade of unilateral an
violent acts in the last decade. Consequently, there is almost nothing
remaining between Montenegro and Serbia today that can be preserved or even
broken. The pro-Yugoslav rhetoric of the EU and its allies is truly hollow.
Most importantly, what will happen to our structural economic reform
program recently praised by the IMF and World Bank if the pro-Federation
forces take over as a result of the EU "mediation" effort? What will happen
if we relinquish the euro as Montenegro's currency and reintroduce the most
worthless currency in Europe (the dinar) back into our country? And what
will happen to our first but extremely important achievements in the domain
of multi-ethnic tolerance and democracy if the so-called pro-Yugoslav
forces legitimize their Greater Serbian project with the support of EU?

Fortunately, there is still a chance to prevent further negative
developments. With this aim in mind, we, free intellectuals and citizens of
Montenegro of all different ethnic backgrounds, representatives of civil
society, and leaders of the anti-Milosevic and anti-war campaign, call for
necessary international understanding, solidarity, and support. First, we
call for an immediate and total end and change of the current EU
realpolitik, which is deeply wrong and painful for Montenegro, and
potentially damaging and dangerous for the region. After that, we call for
international support for a free and democratic referendum on our country's
future status. Such a referendum is the only way out of the current
unsustainable political impasse. It is the duty of the European Union to
press all political factions in Montenegro to participate fully in the
democratic process, so that the final decision will enjoy unquestionable

 List of Signatories

1.	Milan Popovi?2.	, Director, Center for International Studies of
University of Montenegro
3.	Slobodan Franovi?4.	, President, Helsinkee Committee of Montenegro
5.	Milka Tadi?6.	, Executive Director, Independent Weekly Monitor
7.	Sr?an Darmanovi?8.	, Director, Center for Human Rights and
9.	Neboj?a Medojevi?10.	, Director, Center for Transition in Montenegro
11.	Miodrag Perovi?12.	, Professor, University of Montenegro,
Founder of Monitor
13.	Predrag Obradovic, Rector of University of Montenegro
14.	_erbo Rastoder, Professor, University of Montenegro,
Editor-In-Chief of Almanach, Journal for Cultural Development of
Muslims-Bosniaks in Montenegro
15.	Nebojsa Vucinic, Director, Center for Human Rights of the
University of Montenegro
16.	Nik Gashaj, President, Albanian Cultural Association
17.	Anton Sbutega, Professor
18.	Miodrag Vlahovic, Director, Center for Regional and Security Studies
19.	Rade Bojovic, Center for Democracy and Human Rights
20.	Gojko Kastratovic, Director, Montenegrin Film Library
21.	Ilija Vujo?evi?22.	, Professor, University of Montenegro
23.	Svetozar Jovi?24.	evi?25.	, Professor, University of Montenegro
26.	Ljubi?a Stankovi?27.	, Professor of University of Montenegro,
Member of Montenegrin Academy of Arts and Sciences (CANU)
28.	Drasko Djuranovic, Director, Monitor
29.	Zeljko Ivanovic, Director, Independent Radio Antena M
30.	Branko Vojicic, Editor-In-Chief, Monitor
31.	Stevo Vucinic, Founder, Independent TV Montena
32.	Vesna Kilibarda, Provost of University of Montenegro
33.	Vjera Radovic, Professor of University of Montenegro
34.	Sonja Bjeletic, Professor, University of Montenegro
35.	Novica Samardzic, Publicist, Editor, TV Montenegro
36.	Rajko Todorovic, Painter, Professor of University of Montenegro
37.	Darko Sukovic, Editor-In-Chief, Independent Radio Antena M
38.	Anka Buric, Painter, Professor of University of Montenegro
39.	Balsa Brkovic, Writer, Editor, Independent Daily Vijesti
40.	Snezana Nikcevic, Journalist, Editor, TV Montenegro
41.	Aleksandar Becanovic, Writer
42.	Andrej Nikolaidis, Writer